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Hey, hope you are all managing to feel good & stay positive in this strange climate.

I thought i'd update you on my silversmithing journey. I have been wanting to start it as a hobby for the past year now. I did a little research and found a silversmithing class in Bristol. I have been to a few classes and had a couple different little projects.

I really love chunky jewellery, so my first project was a thumb ring.

The design I had in mind was tribal inspired.

This was a tough one to start off with as I chose to do something with a lot of soldering to do.

Each individual ball had to be cut down from a wire, as you can see they are a mix of small and slightly bigger so I put them in next to each other all the way around the ring.

The final piece after its been polished. It has darker marks on it from where I have tried to solder the balls on and over fired it. (Got a stinking burn on my thumb from touching the hot silver! ouch.) Overall, I am happy with my first ever silversmithing creation. A fun fact I found out after I started was that my Nanna did silversmithing too! it must be in my genes.

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